House of Bohemian Switzerland

Visitors and information centre of the Bohemian Switzerland region.


Information Centre & Infernet Café
Tourist information, souveniers, guide services, café  

The information centre in the House of Bohemian Switzerland offers a wide range of tourist services all year round... (more)

Interactive exhibits, panorama projection, movie  

The interactive exhibition will enchant all those who long to discover the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland with all of their senses... (more)

NGO České Švýcarsko
For people and for nature  

House of the Bohemian Switzerland is a seat of the České Švýcarsko NGO. The mission of the organisation is sustainable development of the Bohemian Switzerland region... (more)

Where can you find us?  

Křinické náměstí 1161/10
407 46 Krásná Lípa

Tel.: +420 775 552  789

E-mail: (more)