• interactive exhibitions (windmill, fishsluice, labyrinth of landscape)
  • movie: "Mystery Landscape"
  • panorama projection: "Sea- and Sand-born Landscape"
  • joy for all visitor groups

The interactive exhibition will enchant all those who long to discover the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland with all of their senses. It allows you to peek into the most hidden of corners of the local countryside and learn something about the history and cultural values of this unique region. 

The exhibition, which spreads out over two floors, includes interactive exhibits, (a windmill, salmon migratory route, labyrinth in the countryside...) and also a panoramic projectionshowing the birth of the countryside. The highlight is projection of a 20-minute emotive filmentitled “Countryside of Mystery”. 

Wander with the whole family into a landscape filled with mystery!

Opening hours

  • opening hours are the same as the opening hours of the information centre and can be viewed here >>>


Entrance fee

Adult 80,- CZK
Child 6 - 12 years (accompanied by adult) 40,- CZK
Students, retiree, disablement  40,- CZK
Family ticket 160,- CZK
Groups from 10 persons 40,- CZK
Guide (on request) + 200,- CZK


Combi-ticket for expositions:

270,- CZK - family ticket (instead 390,- CZK)
150,- CZK - adult (instead 188,- CZK)



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